G E T   T O  K N O W  U S

About us

We add life to your brands, we want nothing more than to see your brand become bigger and better than ever before.

Imagine your target audience being so enthralled by your brand that they immediately recognize it, recognize its intrinsic value to them and have a positive cognitive association when they interact with, or think of your brand… That’s what we do! We add LIFE to your brand!

A Jamaican company with regional and international reach, headed by over 80 years combined experience in our field, undergirded by creativity, innovative thinking, and an insatiable quest to WOW our clients with our 360-degree marketing, advertising and digital services! Superior brand experience, insight, flexibility, timely delivery and an affable and reliable team:  that’s what we give to you and who we are!


Marketing Plus was established in 1998, whose vision encapsulated  adding intrinsic value for clients. This remains the core of our existence. We continue to build on this vision, motivated by our quest to be the most relevant advantage provider, buoyed by a team vested with the knowledge and experience to make your brand stand out.